Natalie Turner Civil Humanist Ceremony Singer Music
Natalie Turner Wedding Ceremony Music Singer Dublin Ireland

We are happy to cater for civil, humanist and spiritualist ceremonies and have lots of experience in this area.  Have a browse through our extensive repertoire to choose your songs or let us know what ideas you have - we'd be delighted to work with you on the music for your special day!


Pre-Entrance - 2 or 3 songs as your guests take their seats, optional

Entrance - 1 song

After Readings/Vows/Exchanging of Rings/Ceremony Traditions - 2 or 3 songs (optional)

Signing of the Register - 1 or 2 songs (depending on preference)

Recessional - 1 song

After Recessional - 1 song (optional, usually during meet and greet with guests)